5 Strategies To Market Your Real Estate Property In Kenya

The real estate industry in Kenya has evolved beyond the levels where the brand alone or the founder’s reputation used to sell real estate properties in Kenya. Currently, there have been so many new entrants that are competing for the tightening expendable income in the Kenyan economy. In 2018, it is all about getting innovative and finding better ways to reach a larger and targeted audience.  In this article, we will review some of the key strategies you can use to market your real estate property in Kenya.


Property listing

In this digital era, most consumers turn to online sources for information. Currently, however, the online clutter has become a major block on consumers during the decision making process. Consumers do not know who to trust especially at a time when so many scam developers and agents are cropping up. To market your property stand out, look for credible listing agents and have your property listed. This will increase the chances of you selling out your property.

Email Marketing

Capture the email addresses of new leads and current customers and develop a real estate marketing email newsletter. Online email marketing providers can help you produce professional looking newsletters and track who opened the emails, what they clicked on, and if they unsubscribed. Make sure to send useful information that is not only self-promoting. People receive a lot of junk mail in a day and you don’t want to be that type of email marketing sender. As long as you have an opt-in list to send to, you can include listing updates, industry trends, tips to find houses and even funny news of current events happening around Nairobi.


Bill Boards

Placing an ad on a billboard that includes a company name and a memorable image of a product or service stays visible 24 hours a day, every day of the week. Most Kenyans, especially in Nairobi and its environs, spend on average one hour on the road commuting. These mobile consumers see billboards every day while travelling for business or pleasure. Within your market, you can find out how many people pass by certain intersections or on certain thoroughfares to determine roughly where ad-space hot spots exist.

Social Media Marketing

There is a saying that goes that Facebook is the second biggest country in the world. Most people above 15 years in Kenya can be easily found on Facebook. All you need to do is create a corporate account well branded. Take advantage of the Facebook marketing campaign to target and communicate to your audience. Share offers to create attention then follow up to close sales.

Kenya Homes Expo in KICC

Another key platform that has grown to a culture is the Kenya Homes Expo held at the KICC. The Kenya Homes Expo, a platform that converges real estate stakeholders and potential and existing homeowners under one roof to explore real estate deals, gain insights and pursue worthy investments. The Kenya Homes Expo is the region’s biggest homes show, bringing a wealth of expertise harnessed for over 13 years. Targeting the entire African region with a major focus on East & Central Africa, the Kenya Homes Expo is an experiential platform that creates a level ground for real estate players to converge with a ready market for land, homes, financial advice and general real estate information. Take advantage of the next 27th Kenya Homes Expo by booking a space today


If you get to implement this 5 strategies you will be ahead of your competitors and you should be guaranteed to create the much-needed awareness and market education in regard to your properties. Many have followed these key strategies to turn around their sales chart, why shouldn’t you?



This last year has been filled with interesting design trends, from intricate wall décor and wallpaper designs to contemporary building architectural designs inspired by the changing real estate trends.

2016 has come knocking and only exciting trends are in store for the home.  Our team of experts take you through home innovations to look out for this year.  These are hues you will definitely want in your home. You can also learn more by buying the current copy of the Homes Kenya Digital Magazine (Click to purchase)


2017 was ruled by wallpaper in intricate designs.  The good thing with wallpaper is that it can be in specific areas of a wall and create different moods in every space.  2018 is set to be ruled by bold colours and hues.  Purple and lilac are colour trends that will take center stage in homes this year.  Most people assume these colours are very girlie and childlike, but when combined cleverly, these colours will instantly bring charm, elegance and warmth to any room, especially the living and dining areas that have a view of the outdoors.  These are calming colours and encourage intimacy.


Yes, chandeliers are still a must have in your home, but 2018 will be dominated by simple and elegant pendants.  These are probably one of the easiest ways to bring simple elegance to any room.  An elegant way to illuminate your home, pendants vary from sleek to ornate, small to large and bring beauty and boldness to any room, while giving a designer look.


Most people today have embraced working from home.  Heck, some corporates have even gone ahead to allow their employees to work away from the office, as long as they get the job done.  Well, if you are one of these people you need to know that you cannot sit in your warm blankets with your laptop on your laps.  Apart from limiting your productivity, you are doing more harm to your back.  The study desk is back on trend this year, and you best get yourself one.  There are numerous new styles of the once humble study desk and is now a design statement.  Let’s keep the bedroom for what the bedroom was designed for.


This will be the year to pull all stops with metal and bling.  If you are the homeowner who wants to stand out from the rest and you want your home to make a bold statement that’s out of the ordinary, then bling and metal is the way to go.  Adding a metallic accent shows edginess while still maintaining class.  Incorporate this with metallic wallpaper on a single wall, metallic accessories like soap dispensers and dishes, accent low coffee tables and the like.  This will bring instant timeless elegance.


There is no better time to be African than now.  With African fabric taking center stage in fashion, you can take this further by incorporating kitenge and Ankara fabric into your interior décor and furnishing.  Re-upholster your dining seats or lounge set with Ankara fabric to bring African warmth to your home.  Change your cushion covers and have a kitenge fabric stitched to fit.  I can assure you, your home will become the talk of town with unique African designer statements.  Show your personality with this fabric.

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