5 Simple Tips and Tricks to Attract Visitors to Your Exhibition Booth At The Kenya Homes Expo


In any trade show, one thing you can be sure of is stiff competition. With the playing field leveled out, it is every man’s game as the battle for clients gets on high gear.

In the past, I have seen exhibitors going to great lengths at the Kenya Homes Expo and the results have been extraordinary. They transform their exhibition booths into an experience. When visitors stop by, they are met with warmth and their stay no matter how short-lived is treasured.

During an exhibition, you as an exhibitor can employ some simple tips to attract the best clients to your stall. These tips may seem trivial but once applied with an objective and smart angle they have the ability to give you a high return on investment.

  1. Give incentives, giveaways and raffle tickets

If you want to get the right people to your booth, give them a reason to come and stay! What better way to do so than to offer a few gifts and incentives?

Throughout your marketing campaign, let people know that by attending the expo and specifically visiting your booth, they stand a chance to walk away with amazing prizes.

Always offer a reason to visit your booth by giving them items like branded pens and books, key holders, mugs, etc. For bigger prizes, give raffle tickets that allow visitors to win gifts like washing machines, home appliances among others.

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Remember, in an expo that attracts thousands of visitors, it imperative that visitors have a motive to visit your exhibition booth. Note that not all exhibitors do this so why not leverage?

  1. Get popular bloggers and you-tubers on board

You and I live in an age where the world has seemingly become one global village. The internet has overpowered mainstream media and its penetration has become a source of income for millions of people around the world.

This has given rise to blogging, live feeds, real-time consumer engagement as well as widespread sharing of content. These bloggers are followed by hundreds to thousands and millions of subscribers across channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In and Youtube. These followers are the ones who share, like and comment on these influencer posts making them go viral on a number of occasions.

So why not milk this opportunity for all its worth? Partner with a popular blogger to stop by your exhibition booth and build a conversation around it. Let them talk about your products/services and encourage others to visit on their social media platforms.

Make sure you get bloggers who are controversy-free and have a wide following. I have seen this trick work in increasing revenue for exhibitors before so this is a must-try.

  1. Let your previous clients know you will be exhibiting

Going to an exhibition is not just about attracting new clients. While that is the goal, you still want your existing clients to know that you will be displaying your products and services.

As the expo approaches, get onto your mailing list and create email blasts and alerts. By so doing, you stand a great chance of attracting repeat business.

These clients can also vouch for you to be prompting new clients to jump on board.

  1. Set up an instant digital photo booth

It’s a selfie world so how about joining the bandwagon? A digital booth is a great way of attracting clients to your exhibition stall.

You can be assured that when people know they can take pictures and share on their social media pages, you will get more visitors.

Therefore, get people to take serious, funny and goofy pictures of themselves. Encourage them to share widely and tag you to create an online buzz.

This may seem like a hefty investment, but it’s nothing compared to the high returns you will get at the end of the expo.

  1. Have a live social media wall

There’s nothing as powerful as social media when it comes to online communication today.

So imagine having a live wall where all your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more comments are fed into?

A social media wall allows your visitors to experience real-time likes, shares, comments, tweets, videos, and posts.

You can also track how well you are trending using hashtags and tagging specific influencers.

The great thing about a social media wall is that it can also be customized to suit your brand and overall message for the exhibition.

Time To Exhibit Like A Pro…

Now that you know these guaranteed-to-work tricks, it’s time to take the next step.

Register for an exhibition stall today for the 29th Kenya Homes Expo and market your business to over 40,000 prospective clients. Call us on 0725-225 650 and we shall take it from there.

This year’s expo is dubbed ‘Limitless Living’ and will host diverse exhibitors from different sectors such as real estate, finance, construction, manufacturing, interior decorators among others.

If you want to attend as a visitor, register for an advance ticket today.

Go to Mpesa Till No: 851476 and enter amount K’Sh 200 only. Did I mention, you stand a chance to win amazing home and kitchen appliances!

I look forward to seeing you from 10th – 13th October at the KICC from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm as we have fun and interact.


Maureen Ojijo

Marketing Director

Kenya Homes Expo 2019