5 ways to launch your products at the 31st Kenya Homes Expo


The upcoming Kenya Home Expo give you an opportunity to display your products to thousands of potential customers attending the event. The Expo equally boost sales for the existing products while fostering confidence with previous consumers. The 31st expo at the KICC (21st -24h April) will facilitate the necessary environments; audience, market research, competitive advantage and immediate sales for a successful product launch.

Below are reasons to consider your product launch at the 31st Kenya Homes Expo.

Creating potential leads

The event provides a one on one interaction to demonstrate the need of a product to the potential customers. The customers can then provide contacts for further information for follow up.

 Knowing your competition

The Expo will give you insights with fellow competitors. It will magnify features and services that sets you apart from your competitors. You will be able to elevate your brand, pricing and unique advantages.

Gaining constructive feedback

To enhance your credibility in the industry, the feedback from the Expo will contribute to better delivery of feedback to attract more investment opportunities for the company.

 Building a solid supply chain

The Expo will enable you to take inventory of your products and ensure to build have enough to meet demand. Interacting with fellow exhibitors provide opportunities to create a manageable supply chain to scale production.

Reaching out to the press post-launch

Upon the successful completion of your launch, you will be able to attract more clients through the KenyaHomesExpo social media pages and website. You will equally receive customer feedbacks from your social media products after the launch.