6 Trendy Interior Design Styles In Kenya


Why live in a boring space when you can easily spruce it up?

Today, most Kenyans are looking for new ways to bring some excitement and authenticity in their homes.

The most popular way to do this is through interior designs and enchanting decor. In 2019, trendy interior designs have transformed home and office spaces from ordinary to classy.

Not only are these designs aesthetically appealing, some of them are very functional. This means you can do almost everything with a touch of class and elegance.

  1. Vintage Furniture

Home interior designs ideas are wide and diverse. Use of vintage furniture is just one of those designs that is cropping into many homes.

The rusty and ancient feel of furniture adds a touch of sophistication in any home. The furniture is laid out artistically to give the feel of uniqueness.

When combined with modern ideas, vintage furniture creates a seamless blend that exudes warmth and enhances comfort.

If you are not sure how you can settle for the best vintage furniture and décor, it’s always advisable you attend an exhibition and find out.

Here you will be able to get a variety of options and make an informed choice from experienced interior decorators.

Examples of vintage furniture that has found its way in Kenyan homes includes; chairs, tables, box cabinets, bathroom sink cabinets among others.

For instance, you can combine vintage leather couches with trendy leather couches in a way the furniture blends in color and even texture.

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  1. Elegant Fireplaces 

For centuries, fireplaces have been used for a purely functional purposes. They were designed to heat up the home during winter and other cold seasons.

In the advent of technology, having a stylish interior fireplace in your home serves more than a functionality purpose.

The fireplace is a central point in the home. You can chose it to be purely aesthetic, functional or both.

Whatever your preference is, a fireplace is one of those interior design styles you must have.

If you chose to have a functional fireplace, have one that meets your needs especially for cold seasons. This creates the perfect time to bond with your family.

Fireplace interior design trends in Kenya today range from the usual bricks to marble and finished with artistic displays.

  1. Regular and 3D Wallpapers

There are tens of wallpaper design solutions in Kenya. Reason being, the wallpaper craze has domineered home and office spaces.

The varieties are unlimited. From ancient to modern, 2D – 3D, wallpapers not only increase the aesthetic appeal of your home, they also reflect your personality.

Textured wallpapers are increasingly becoming popular as are floral ones.

For offices, most companies prefer to go with geometric and somewhat subtle wallpapers that reflect their vision.

On the other hand, 3D wallpapers are increasingly being embraced in Kenya because of their uniqueness. Moreover, they make excellent use of space and act as a focal point.

  1. Artistic Lighting and Additional Interior Decor

This is perhaps one of the most applied interior designs in Kenya today.

More and more people are looking to use elements of lighting to emphasize certain rooms in the homes.

For instance, bedrooms are lit with cool lighting creating an ambiance of warmth and tranquility. The use of interior décor like chandeliers also serves to add elegance to the room.

In situations where you need to do some reading, task lighting is used. This kind of lighting is incorporated into homes to allow you read, take a shower or do anything that requires intensive lighting.

These contemporary lights are best placed in study rooms, kitchen or bedroom side tables.

  1. Color Play

The role of colors in interior design cannot be denied. Color is so powerful it has the ability to alter our moods either positively or negatively.

When it comes to use of color in interior design, determine what kind of mood or ambiance you want the particular room to emit.

Light colors give the perception of larger rooms whereas darker colors give the illusion of smaller spaces. Additionally, having the right color combination in your home gives it style.

Interior decorators are skilled in perfectly using and blending neutral, active and passive colors. The theme is selected by identifying rooms and their purposes as well as meeting specific client needs.

  1. Open Concept Kitchens

Open concept kitchens do not have any barriers. They connect to the living and dining room creating an illusion of bigger spaces. This is what is often referred to as ‘the great room.’

This type of kitchen also brings people together. You can keep an eye on the kids as you cook or simply entertain your guests as you prepare your meals.

Since there are no unnecessary walls, open kitchens have plenty of natural lighting making it fun to cook in.

As I sum up…

I believe in having optimum comfort in your home. You should walk in and immediately feel like you are in a safe haven where you can unravel and kick back. After all, this is the one place you should be able to escape to after a long day.

This is why incorporating these affordable and trendy interior designs will give you the relaxation and elegance you need.

If you are a supplier of interior decor, designs or solutions, there is a place for you to proactively market your business.

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Maureen Ojijo

Marketing Director

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