Affordable Living Within Reach At The 26th Kenya Homes Expo

This April from 12th to 15th, the Kenyatta International Convention Centre will play host to the Blue Triangle Cement 26th Kenya Homes Expo.

East & Central Africa’s biggest homes show themed “Affordable Living”, promises to be bigger and will offer a more innovative, vibrant and revolutionary amalgam of exhibitors/services.

The 26th Expo is sponsored by East African Portland Cement Company, the manufacturers of the “Blue Triangle Cement”, with over 84 years of cement manufacturing experience and producing the most reliable, durable and brightest brand of cement that is suitably strong for all forms of construction.

The expo is also being held in partnership with KICC, who are the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) partners of the Kenya Homes Expo and are working hand in hand with the organizer to deliver solutions that better the livelihoods of all Kenyans.

Fueled by the confidence that return on investment is guaranteed, the Kenya Homes Expo is now in its 14th year, holding a successful 26th run.  Being the longest standing real estate exhibition in East & Central Africa, the Kenya Homes Expo has gained repute as the leading homes expo in the region. Kenya is the gateway for the East African Community of approx.140 million people, and Nairobi has been identified as the investment destination.

When the Kenya Homes Expo was founded 14 years ago, the vision of the organizer was to create and provide a platform for Kenyans to gain access to opportunities for investment in real estate because a majority of the population was not sufficiently equipped with knowledge or tools to invest wisely, or aid in making the right decisions in real estate investments.

The myths surrounding real estate needed to be demystified and thus the birth of the Kenya Homes Expo, “a one stop shop” where people could have direct contact with the industry players under one roof i.e, land sellers, realtors, construction professionals, suppliers, consultants, financiers e.t.c, proved a worthy investment as there was now a credible platform that opened up the industry to all.

As is with every event, the Kenya Homes Expo takes into consideration the market needs and puts together a show that will meet the needs of its visitors and clientele.

According to Mr. Daniel Ojijo, the founder and Executive Chairman of Homes Universal, the expo has exceeded client expectations as there is no other platform where you get relevant players and one that brings over 1,000 buyers who seal concrete deals almost immediately.

He opines that the expo attracts the international market (that sees Kenya as investment hub), addresses the acute housing shortage, supports the growth of the housing industry and creates synergy between industry players.

Mr. Ojijo continues to add that the Kenya Homes Expo, being held in line with one of the governments Big 4 agendas, i.e., affordable housing for all, is the very platform for Kenyans of all walks of life to seek opportunities for investment, buy affordable land/properties, and actually own a home notwithstanding their economic status.

Current indicators show that by 2025, Africa will portend business opportunities worth $5.6 Trillion.

There isn’t a better time for the Kenya Homes Expo to be held.

The Kenya Homes Expo acknowledges that there is a rising tide across Africa that brings with it new infrastructures, a better educated labor force and a youthful dynamic population.

The Marketing Director of the expo, Mrs. Maureen Ojijo affirms that Africa’s returns on investment are some of the highest in the world and that is why the expo continues to attract even more investors because Africa is the new frontier for trade and investment with the real estate industry standing to greatly benefit from this attention.

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