Create enchanting outdoors this holiday. By Kelai Wanjiru

The holidays are here, and there isn’t a more favorite time of the year this side of the equator. It’s time to show off your tanned skin, wear that sundress, rock those beach shorts, and take time out to enjoy the outdoors with barbeques and outdoor dining.

What better way to entertain than to furnish and create enchanting outdoors right in your backyard? These past months, our skies have been dreary and dull looking with the short rains, but there’s a silver lining in the sky. Start prepping your outdoors to usher in the season of entertaining, fun and laughter.
Picture this beautiful setting – a lush green landscape set among beautiful acres of gardens, surrounded by exotic flowers and mature trees in a quiet, serene and inspiring environment. It doesn’t matter the size of your garden or patio, you can do a lot to achieve the holiday feel. You will want to entertain in this space all
year round, not just this December. Every one of us has a patio or a terrace in our homes, and judging by many homes, when looking for décor and furnishing for your home, one rarely thinks about the exterior.

People always endeavor to make the interior of their homes beautiful, but rarely do we ever take time to think about our patios, terraces and lawns. Considering most patios and terraces are in the back of the house, most people do not give this area a lot of consideration and many people ignore this important space.
Instead of using this space as a second store, (which you’ve doing for most part of the year) why don’t you clean it out and make it a refreshing outdoor room?

Infuse garden features to create exquisite and striking spaces like a tranquil “pergola” where one can hold a romantic dinner or a family get-together. Depending on the design of your backyard, you will discover unique areas around the garden where graceful plants can define the gardens and you can go ahead to create manicured archways that line the gardens. You can grace your garden with beautiful and one of a kind sculptures that offer the African theme of embracing family and unity.

Add some weatherproof terrace furniture around your garden or on the patio. When choosing terrace furniture there are various things that you need to take into consideration. The options are endless when it comes to choosing outdoor furnishing. Your style and taste is the foremost important thing when choosing your furniture and coverage. You want furniture that is a reflection of you and also refreshing. Long gone are the days when the basic white or grey tents were placed on the outdoors. Make a design statement and reflect your unique taste by putting up tents that speak elegance and style.

I’m sure you’ve seen holiday décor peeping into the shopping malls and stores around you. Yes, it’s that time of the year. Soon, you’ll see all the glittering lights and holiday cheer all over. In the same way, lighting up your garden is an absolute requirement if you are choosing to entertain or just enjoy your backyard. You
could opt for traditional fairy lights on your patio or balcony, or you may want to be more symbolic by lighting up the candles. You could even ensure that your lawn, flower beds and footpaths are well lit. Whatever your preference, just make sure your outdoor space; whether large or small is well lit.

There is something not only warm and romantic but also festive about a fireplace. Set up an outdoor fireplace by building a fire-pit at your location of choice within the garden and use some logs, extra grass or leaf litter to keep it burning. However, ensure that your chosen spot is located at a safe spot away from the house and fence. Take all the precautions necessary when handling an open
fire. You don’t want to start putting out unnecessary fires, and dealing with insurance and injuries.

You will need an outdoor barbeque because meat is more often than not, a staple festive season food in Kenya. You have the option of buying a portable barbeque or building one. The former is a faster option but you should opt for the latter if you prefer to be unique and for longevity.
Finally, A CHRISTMAS TREE. You cannot forget this, and it doesn’t have to be indoors. If you are fortunate to have an evergreen coniferous tree such as a pine or Araucaria, then however large or small, decorate it with fairy lights to elicit that festive mood. If you do not, purchase a live tree and fit it snuggly into your garden space so that it looks like it has been growing in your garden for the longest time. Another interesting approach would be to place your acquired Christmas tree inside a large flower pot and place it at a focal point of your garden.
Your terrace should be your outdoor oasis so make the most out of your outdoors by preparing this very important part of your living space.

Happy Holidays.

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