Uplifting Lives

At the core of the operations of HomesKenya Limited is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).  Beyond meeting statutory and compliance requirements, we engage in  corporate activities  that further social good, uplift the lives of the communities around us, and directly impact on the business engagements of the organization.

Having been in the forefront of the real estate industry, both as publishers of the most authoritative publication in real estate, interior design, décor and leisure, and organizer of East & Central Africa’s biggest homes show, the Kenya Homes Expo, HomesKenya Limited sees a CSR activity that falls in line with its core activities as an important aspect of it’s growth.

The underlying factor in our CSR activities is the term “Going Beyond”.  What does this mean?  It’s about contributing to the welfare of a society, using your skills and knowledge to better the lives of people around you, and operating above board with transparency and ethics.

At its heart, Corporate Social Responsibility is about our organization  taking responsibility for the impacts of our decisions and activities in all aspects of  the community and environment.

Charity Begins At Home

Corporate Social Responsibility is more than just donating money or products to a needy community, it’s about contributing to the health and welfare of the society, operating transparently and ethically.

As thought leaders in the real estate industry, we see an activity that goes beyond donations to building futures and creating environments where communities can thrive.

We work closely with public value organizations, particularly those in the public and community sectors, for whom social responsibility and public value align with our values and drive our vision to make real estate investments a reality.

Thus, we joined hands with the Kenyatta International Convention Centre, one of our most worthwhile partners to improve the lives of the children in our communities, thus the phrase “Charity Begins At Home”.

we embarked on a CSR activity that would impact our company, our partnerships and more so the community, and who better to help than children.  Because when you reach out to uplift the life of a child, you uplift their families, their communities, and their future.  At the opening ceremony of the 25th Kenya Homes Expo in April this year, Ms.  Nana Gecaga, Managing Director of KICC, who has a heart for the less fortunate (in her words the “have nots”, spoke of this most beneficial partnership that would be seen as a social responsibility that would help uplift the lives of the less fortunate in society.  Partnerships capture the true spirit of our company.

In our relationships with clients, with each other, with suppliers and business partners, integrity is our foremost standard of conduct; we strive to treat all stakeholders with respect and dignity. We strive to find long lasting solutions by looking at issues together.