Partnerships capture the true spirit of our company. In our relationships with clients, with each other, with suppliers and business partners, integrity is our foremost standard of conduct; we strive to treat all stakeholders with respect and dignity.

So began our walk with the children of Gatina Primary School, in the low income settlement area of Kawangware.  We visited the school which to say the least was in a sorry state with the mantra “Charity begins at home”.  Real Estate is our core business, and construction is the heartbeat of most of our operations, so as a team, we decided to pursue rehabilitation of the school via this channel.

As we walked into the compound, the reality hit us that we live in the same country, but our lives are as different as day and night.  The classrooms were in debilitated condition, the painting on the walls had peeled off, some classes didn’t have anything to call a floor, and the desks and chairs were broken down.  It is hard to imagine children go to school in such conditions.

In January 2003, Free Primary Education was rolled out by the government.  With this positive action, the program has seen increased numbers in the enrollment of children.

This reality was so real when we walked into Gatina Primary School.

With lack of funds, public schools have struggled to stay afloat, and ultimately it is the children who are suffering. Maintenance of schools has been left Constituency Development Funds (CDF) and well- wishers to assist uplift the schools, and this is the story of Gatina Primary School.  This is the largest primary school in Dagoretti North Consituency of Nairobi County.  The school serves children from Kawangware and Kangemi areas, which are low income settlement areas.  The school is run under the leadership of the Headteacher, Mr. Wallace Gitau

HomesKenya Limited pledged to partially renovate and rehabilitate the school as a start to the initiative.  The driving force behind the decision was to make the school more habitable for the children and a conducive environment for learning and teaching.  Our team commenced the renovation with the classes that needed urgent action, and thus began the fulfilling journey of the HomesKenya CSR activity.

Today, the children are learning in a good environment, with a conducive learning area, thanks to HomesKenya Limited and Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC).