All Geared Up for the 26th Kenya Homes Expo This April

26th Homes Expo 12th - 15th April

One thing that keeps ringing true for many Kenyans today is the need and desire to own homes, acquire land, and secure investments for the future generations.

While the dream seems achievable, the biggest challenge remains making home ownership affordable and as accessible to as many Kenyans as possible.

This April, the Kenya Homes Expo will afford Kenyans the opportunity to seek opportunities for investment in real estate.

When the Kenya Homes Expo was founded close to 14 years ago, the vision of the organizer was to create and provide a platform for Kenyans to gain access to opportunities for investment in real estate.

Real estate had just started becoming the talk of town and people didn’t have the knowledge or tools to invest wisely and make the right decisions in real estate.

The myths surrounding real estate needed to be demystified and thus the birth of the Kenya Homes Expo.

A platform where people could have direct contact with land sellers, realtors, construction professionals and financiers proved a worthy investment as now there was and is a credible platform that has opened up the industry to Kenyans and the world in general.

Aerial view of the Kenya Homes Expo

This April from 12th to 15th, the Kenya Homes Expo marks its 26th successful run and has been themed “Affordable Living”.

As with every event, the expo takes into consideration the market needs and puts together a show that will meet the needs of its visitors and clientele.

By 2025, current indicators show that Africa will portend business opportunites worth $5.6 Trillion. There isn’t a better time for the Kenya Homes Expo to be held.

The Kenya Homes Expo acknowledges that there is a rising tide across Africa that brings with it new infrastructures, a better educated labour force and a youthful dynamic population.

The team leader of the expo, Ms. Maureen Ojijo, further states that Africa’s returns on investment are some of the highest in the world and that’s why the expo continues to attract even more investors because Africa is the new frontier for trade and investment with real estate standing to benefit the most from this attention.

External view of the Kenya Homes Expo at KICC

Minister of Transport, Hon. James Macharia at the MInistry of Housing booth.

The expo is once again sponsored by East African Portland Cement Company, manufacturer of Blue Triangle Cement, who have secured the rights to a Platinum Sponsorship.

EAPCC has been a natural partner for the Homes Kenya because you cannot talk about strong structures without mentioning Blue Triangle Cement. With over 84 years of cement manufacturing experience, East African Portland Cement Company has made the greatest contribution in the physical foundation of our nation, producing the most durable, brightest brand of cement that is suitably strong for all forms of construction.

An exhibitor booth at a previous Kenya Homes Expo held at the KICC

The Kenyan government has taken this segment of the economy very seriously and is championing housing for low income earners and the Kenya Homes Expo has become a platform for Kenyans of whichever class to seek opportunities for investment, dream about getting their homes, and actually own a home no matter your income or economic status.

To know more about the 26th Kenya Homes Expo or book your booth at East & Central Africa’s biggest homes show, call the team on 020 230 9074 or visit our website.


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