One of the most asked questions about real estate is, ‘where do I start?’ Often, it’s a new investor hoping to learn about real estate investing in Kenya, someone wanting to buy a house or even build rental spaces. For all of them, the answer is always the same; start at the beginning.
So where exactly is the beginning?
A real estate developer would tell you that without a solid foundation, nothing endures. In planning a construction project, they get a lay of the land and find out everything they need to know. A structural engineer is involved who accesses the exact needs to support the structure. From there, a visible design is made. It is all the work that goes before the shovel is put to the ground; the utilities, the slabs and so forth; that allows the building to endure.
What then is that solid foundation for starting a real estate investment? Glad you asked.

Spring Hill Park – Kileleshwa[/caption]

Whether you want to buy a house in Kileleshwa or you want to build a commercial space in Ngong, you need to know the principles of real estate. What instruments and terms are used? How are they used? Knowing the answers to questions like this will boost your confidence and form a good foundation for your journey. That way, when a real estate agent tells you something about say, grants, you can understand what they mean.