Return on Investment for Interior Decor Firms at the 27th Kenya Homes Expo

Interior Decor

The Kenya Homes Expo, a platform that converges real estate stakeholders and potential and existing homeowners under one roof to explore real estate deals, interior decor, gain insights and pursue worthy investments.

It hosts exhibitors in major industries, from construction, property insurance, energy, architects, developers just to name a few. One of the exhibitors who has been present from the first Kenya Homes Expo is Interior decor firms because the expo has always been a great platform for them to showcase all the new trends in the real estate industry.

  • Get hundreds of qualified leads each day.

The expo is an excellent place to do direct marketing to the visitors. Companies are able to get leads on people who are actively looking for specific products.

  • Gain direct face-to-face contact with decision-makers

Most of the people who visit the Kenya Homes Expo come as a family. This gives you the opportunity to pitch your company to the decision makers of the family.

  • Generate new consumers immediately.

For the curious visitors who may not have to know about your services or product, you are able to generate new interest and convert them into buyers.

  • Brand your business

The marketing that is done by the Kenya homes expo is a sure way to get your brand noticed and to solidify its credibility in the market.

  • Direct access to your target market

The Expo gives you the opportunity to speak to relevant clients who are looking for the latest trends in interior design to change up there homes.

  • Introduce new products and services.

Product testing and a response are always vital when undertaking a new service or product. The Kenya Homes Expo offers the opportunity to get instant feedback on all new products you have.

  • Live product and service demonstrations

Nothing helps acquire new clients and convince your current clients better than a demonstration.  Live presentations give that extra push that you need to make that sale.

  • Distribute product samples

Handing out free samples especially branded merchandise ensures the clients carry a little bit of your business with them. This offers invaluable marketing for your business.

If you’re looking to take your interior decor business to the next level this is the time, book your space for 27th Kenya Homes Expo taking place from the 11th to 14th Of October 2018