5 Mistakes You Must Avoid as an Exhibitor to Attract More Business

Standing out in fierce Kenya Homes Expo will require you to go the extra mile in marketing your business.

And with competition increasingly becoming more aggressive, it only makes sense that you discover new ways of getting gaining business exposure as well as getting a high return on investment.

How do you attract thousands of business investors in trade shows away from the usual online marketing?

What mistakes MUST you avoid to ensure you exhibit your business sufficiently and get amazing leads?

Having organized and attended over 28 Kenya Homes Expos, I have observed very costly yet avoidable mistakes exhibitors make.

The Kenya Homes Expo is an enormous avenue for you to generate unlimited income and business leads. But it is also important that you avoid wasting this opportunity by shortchanging yourself.

So, as you start your day today, I would like to share with you the 5 major mistakes you need to avoid in the upcoming Kenya Homes Expo in order to get more business.

Mistake #1: Poor Content Layout and Design

In all my 15 years organizing expos, I have seen exhibitors roll out content and designs that are unmemorable and sometimes vague. Thousands of potential clients walk past their booths because their content is either too compact and ambiguous or their design is totally off. 

There is nothing that captures the attention of visitors; no images, poor color combination, no logos, banners or poor representation of the company brand.

Ever heard of the K.I.S.S. principle? “Keep It Simple Stupid This is the same principle should apply when you are exhibiting. And with the Kenya Homes Expo 2019 less than 80 days away, the time to start preparing a catchy design of your booth, content and design is NOW!

Mistake #2: Unqualified and Unmotivated Booth Staff Exhibitors

Unfortunately, this one of the most common mistakes I see with Kenya Homes Expo exhibitors. When visitors are treated with disrespect or incompetence from your staff, it will negatively affect people’s perceptions of your business.

A staff that is unmotivated and unqualified in customer service will repel potential investors.

Instead of losing out on potential business, fill the booths with staff members who actually want to be there. Get a staff that is excited to assist visitors and motivate them to close deals.

Mistake #3: Failure to Effectively Manage Leads

What’s the point of getting strong leads only to never follow up with them? During the 28th Kenya Homes Expo, I saw at least 4 exhibitors fail to effectively manage their leads. Their methods of collecting client data were not effective enough to ensure adequate follow up.

Failure to invest in lead management software’s eventually ends up costing your business and you end up getting no returns on investment.

For instance, if you are in real estate, you need to have a customer relationship system that can track the lead nurturing process. Categorizing the leads into whether they are hot, cold or the lead has been closed will help you keep track of progress.

My question to you is, as we approach the upmarket Kenya homes expo what CRM system do you have in place and how effective is it?

Mistake #4: Lacking a STRONG Call to Action

Assume visitors have come to your exhibition booth. What do you want them to do? Buy a property? Invest in a mortgage solution? Purchase furniture? Unfortunately, a small number of exhibitors do not have a clear purpose. Once a visitor comes to their booth, they do not have a punchy technique of closing deals.

In this year’s Homes Expo have a very powerful call to action. Let visitors know what you want them to do after they come to your booth. Also make it catchy and easy to remember.

Mistake #5: Poor Target Marketing

Did you know that not everyone who attends the expo is a prospect?

Some visitors attend the trade show expo just for the fun of it. Others are there for very specific products and services. Some want to get new ideas and solutions to existing problems and others are looking to make lifelong investments for themselves and their families.

Before you come as an exhibitor, map out tactics of identifying the best leads. When a visitor comes to your booth, find out what industry they are in, why they came, what their problems are and then offer a tangible solution.

Therefore, invest in pitching more to strong leads and later embark in nurturing those leads.

In closing…

Whether you are a new or experienced exhibitor, avoiding these mistakes will significantly help you to scale your profit margins and business growth.

I’m confident that this information will help you tremendously as you prepare for the up coming Kenya Homes Expo in October.

Kickstart the process now by making sure you get a sufficient exhibition booth by booking here.

I look forward to seeing you there and engaging with you.


Maureen Ojijo

Marketing Director

Kenya Homes Expo 2019

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