Exhibitions and conferences are a perfect opportunity to network with the right professional contacts and build relationships that will expand your brand. Having the right professional contacts can pave way for your career advancement and business development.

Networking at the right trade shows can also pave way for the development of a new skill set; job leads, educate you on the latest industry trends and meet potential partners, mentors, advisors, and clients.

We analyze 5 business networking tips you can emulate to grow your professional network.

  1. Do Your Research

Have prior knowledge of the attendees expected to be present at the expo, especially through the confirmed exhibitor list.

Keenly follow the event organizer’s announcements on their digital platforms to know exhibitors showcasing their brands, speakers, and guests that will be present at the trade show.

Map out potential networks that may be beneficial to the growth of your business.

  1. Get there on Time

To maximize your networking opportunity, get at the exhibition on time.

At the beginning of the conference, very few attendees would have formed discussion groups – so this gives you the chance to have a one-on-one conversation with your targeted brands before it gets crowded.

  1. Approach With Decorum

Choose the right moment to bravely walk towards people of interest. Have a confident and relaxed body language to ensure they feel comfortable in your company.

Remember to maintain eye contact and smile.  Make the conversation about them, and show interest in their business needs and objectives. This helps them to remain engaged and encourages a spark of interest in you.

  1. Share Your Contact

A business card is a staple of networking and thus, business success.  Carry along quality, attractive and presentable copies of your calling card.

Before exchanging contact details, you need to establish a connection with the relevant audience. Pass the card with discretion, and conclude with a firm handshake.

  1. Follow Up

It is vital to follow up on the contacts made at the exhibition. A good way to get started is by emailing them, connecting with them on LinkedIn with a personalized message, or even making a follow-up call sooner rather than later.


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