How to make your brand stand out at the 32nd Kenya Homes Expo
Brand awareness.

How to make your brand stand out at the 32nd Kenya Homes Expo

The Kenya Homes Expo will be holding its 32nd Expo edition in October 13th-16th 2022 With hundreds of exhibitors converging at the biggest homes expo in East and Central Africa, create a memorable experience for potential customers by being creative and innovative to increase leads and brand awareness.

As per the exhibition industry research, 79% of visitors make purchase decisions based on the experience at the event. They are likely to share their experience with more than six people.

Below are tips to stand out:

 Evolve your Idea

Bring in something new and inspiring, unique and engaging. This could only be possible through creative exhibition stand design ideas that are distinct. The exhibition stands design play an important role in conveying the right marketing message to your target audience.

 Make your Stand Interactive

Every exhibitor participates with a common motive to make a good impression and then make a sale. Look for exhibition stand design ideas to make your booth interactive. You could incorporate an interactive technology in your stands such as demonstrate your product through VR (Virtual Reality) or interactive screens which will certainly help in drawing attention at the event. Include Exhibition stand design ideas in your stand like organize games or contests that will excite your audience and at the same time get them involved with your brand.

Plan your Budget

Preparing for your exhibition ahead of time will give a proper buffer time to avoid any last-minute changes. The Kenya Homes Expo provides exhibition stands for displays, chairs, tables, water among others. For other extended services, plan ahead of time to incorporate them early.

 Caring for your Customer

Offer a relaxing space with a comfortable seating area will help them retrieve the energy lost in the hustle and bustle of the event. Simple exhibition stands ideas such as distributing refreshments and having a charging station will enable them to spend time at your stand.

Have the Right Staff

Have trained and skilled staffs that have a good knowledge of your brand. Also, make sure that a senior member of your team is always present at your creative stand. This will show your commitment to the exhibition and provide your customer with an immediate face-to-face interaction with the business decision makers.

Follow up on leads

Establish a relationship with your leads to help transition to a loyal, paying customer. Provide information based on which products or services they were searching for during the event.  Leads can be referrals, patrons of similar brands or in the market for your product or service.