The much-anticipated real estate event, the 32nd Kenya Homes Expo, finally took place on the 20th-23rd of October 2022 at the KICC bringing in key industry players at the biggest homes show platform in the East and Central Africa region.

The expo’s theme was “Innovative Living” and the participants brought creative and novel ideas set to disrupt the housing sector. Technology for example was attributed as a major factor influencing the industry.

Did you know it is possible to heat water using products that rely solely on environmental energy as opposed to the usual gas and electric energy? Such energy efficient innovations were highlighted among other ways to tap into green energy to combat climate change in the environment.

The event turn-up was massive. The 4-day event witnessed an attendance of approximately over 20000 as more attendees kept flocking. The expo attracted participation from property developers, financiers, energy and solution providers, interior and home deco companies, construction experts, and prospective home buyers among other emerging real estate entrants. It was exciting seeing key entertainment industry players also make their way to the expo, giving fans a light moment to interact one on one and take some photos. The media was also present to give coverage of the event.

The opening ceremony was well attended by regulators and agencies in the built environment. Notable among them were; the Institution of Surveyors of Kenya(ISK) , The Kenya Green Building Society(KGBS), Town and County Planners Association of Kenya(TCPAK), Kenya Property Developers Association(KPDA), The National Bank of Kenya, and the chief guest who was Dr. Patrick Bucha – The acting Managing Director of the National Housing Corporation. In their speeches, a lot of emphases was laid on how we can incorporate the use of technology that causes minimum or zero environmental impact.

Some of the recommended solutions provided to this included merging social housing with environmental housing, addressing garbage collection, investing in sustainable technological development, looking to create smart homes, and financiers having to go beyond banking and start looking at the ecosystem around conditional human living. The affordable housing program already in play by the government is looking to map up all slum areas even as they review setbacks that may hinder the program.

In addition, there is a further review of the building code set in place that seeks to regulate the construction of buildings, following a series of establishments that have been collapsing, leaving hundreds injured and homeless. The government further advised the people to always seek using licensed professionals in housing, as they will set up quality buildings that are up to standards.

The last day of the expo saw exhibitors do giveaways and offers on some of their products to attendees who visited their stands. This included discounts on properties, free home appliances, free carpet cleaning, subsidized trips by the travel agencies present and so much more. The expo also held awards that sought to recognize exhibitors who topped different categories. Categories were grouped in order of best overall, the people’s choice award, best creative and innovative exhibitor and the best new entrant for exhibitors showcasing for the first time.

In conclusion, it was brought forth that developers put in mind the long-term maintenance of the buildings even as they create designs of the same. The government is also looking to partner with the private sector by creating a depository place for private real estate stakeholders to present their projects and ideas to the government if they require any public support. This will come in handy to support relevant projects that may benefit a larger percentage of the population.

Preparations of the 33rd Kenya Homes Expo under the theme “Inspired Living” have already kick started and the event is set to be on 13th-16th April 2023. Discounted advance tickets will be out soon and you’re all asked to look out for that on our website and social media platforms. Exhibitors too can start booking as early as now. See you there!